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Shackleton’s journey, William Grill


One of the most beautiful illustrated books of recent times …

Shackleton’s Journey is the true story of how Shackleton and his team managed to survive an epic adventure, and a testament to their great bravery and endurance.

His illustrations, the way of telling the story, together with his exquisite edition make this book a must for lovers of the sea, of history, of the values that make people great, of beauty …


In waves


A tale of love, heartbreak and surfing from an important new voice in comics.

In this visually arresting graphic novel, surfer and illustrator AJ Dungo remembers his late partner, her battle with cancer, and their shared love of surfing that brought them strength throughout their time together. With his passion for surfing uniting many narratives, he intertwines his own story with those of some of the great heroes of surf in a rare work of nonfiction that is as moving as it is fascinating.

AJ Dungo is an illustrator from Florida. He studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and his work has been shown in several group exhibitions in New York and LA. His work strives to create interesting atmospheres and feelings that viewers can have a reaction to. He lives in LA.

Libres en el Mar


The people who live near the sea usually say that we can not do it far from them. The coast has always had a special attraction for us.

The sea, the air and the sun stir our senses and accentuate the feeling of well-being. Far away from noise and worries, the mind can float free while listening to the sound of the wind and the waves. Some will consider it a waste of time, but there are few pleasures that exceed walking on a beach, diving and surfing its waves, or floating on its waters.

In “Libres en el mar”, the author shares many of the thoughts and sensations that explain his relationship with the sea. And he does it through a series of photographs taken on the beaches of Doniños, Santa Comba, San Xurxo, Esmelle, Villarrube, O Pedrido, Salinas, Fuerteventura and Biarritz, accompanied by notes taken from people like Drew Kampion, Frank Lanting, Phillip Plisson, Christian Buchet, Pierre Borham, Albert Falzon, Javier Aramburu, Willy Uribe or JF Kennedy, who has been mixing and modifying as if they were samplers for a song, and with whom he feels totally identified.

Allá en los mares


Allá en los mares is a story aimed at children between 4 and 8 years, which speaks of the values ​​and passion transmitted by a mother (Elsa) to their daughters (Olivia and Juliet): love of the sea, respect for the Nature or the importance of becoming aware of the privilege of living in a well-preserved and well-preserved natural environment. Surfing will be one of the means that Elsa will use for Olivia and Juliet to connect with the sea and Nature.

Everything else is told in the book …

“There in the seas, I was in the water for about a month.

I’ve seen fish as tiny as the tip of a pin!

I have seen tuna, great whales and a thousand other things that are in the sea. ”

Shusssh. And here we can read …

Cádiz, The Oldest city


Cadiz photo-book

Cadiz, the Siren of the Ocean according to Byron, is a city that gives off the beauty and poetry of the sea and its History linked to it.

Venturing in the heart of the city is like walking in time. Its walls, worn out by the weight of time, are witness to historic landmarks. From his port, Hannibal embarked on a quest to conquer Italy and Christopher Columbus set sail for the discovery of the Indies. The bartizanos surrounding the Castle of Santa Catalina defended the city from the siege of Napoleon and, along its alleys, a famous cry: ¡Viva la Pepa! There was a shout that celebrated the declaration of the first Spanish Constitution of 1812

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Passports to the Islands by Sirene


Small collection of inspirational passport dedicated to five Mediterranean islands: Formentera, Caprera, Pantelleria, Koufonissi, Kastellorizo.

A cross between an illustrated atlas, a seaside pilot book and a travel notebook. An island has a soul and each Passport reveals the coordinates for you to discover it!

  • Language: English

Deauville, ville fleurie


Photo-book by Deauville, ville fleurie

Queen of the Norman coast …

“Not long ago, my dear gentlemen, I walked on its beach and I thought: Deauville is a name that evokes the poetry of greenery and flowers, and, as almost everywhere on our Normandy coast, no other place so intimately links impressive, the sea change and the radiant vegetation … ”

Julie Delabarre


Formentera, La più bella isola al mondo


Photo-book of Formentera

The visual essence of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, captured by Ana Zaragoza during her first trip to the island

Formentera is undoubtedly sea … represents the most delicate essence of the Mediterranean

The photographs taken by Ana Zaragoza convey in a deliciously poetic way the light of the island, its atmosphere of a simple, timeless and intimate beauty

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Hondarribia, Haize Itsasoa


Photo-Book of Hondarribia, Haize Itsasoa

History, beauty and magic by the sea

This is a collective photobook about the city of Hondarribia in the Basque Country, Spain. The book was made between Caravanbook and the student group MAD_TOTAL, which is a course offered by the MADPHOTO School in Madrid.

Naples, Napolae


Foto-Libro de Nápoles

Nápoles, eterna belleza sul mare…

“Nápoles es un mundo entero, y si intentas fotografiar un mundo entero, estarás condenado al fracaso. Con solo una cámara de otro momento y una película a punto de desaparecer, me encargué de fotografiar un fragmento de ese mundo mientras lo exploraba como un viajero. Una ciudad que no fue enterrada sino que se desliza entre tus dedos. Una ciudad que desaparece en cada esquina para levantarse de nuevo como el misterio de los mil colores llamado Napule. “

Juan Santos

Shackleton’s journey, William Grill (Activity book)


Activity Book in English, about Shackleton’s trip to the South Pole

The coolest Activity Book ever seen!

After the success of the wonderful jewel book “The Journey of Shackleton”, William Grill returns with a book of complementary activities that is also a beautiful book, a work of art full of adventures.

Some things that kids can do with this book:

• Find your way through the frozen heart of Antarctica with the help of your guide, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

• Design your own epic adventure and recruit volunteers.

• Use your skills to create maps and flags, and prepare your own survival kit.

• Make a magnetic compass and a paper boat.

• Test your knowledge of the facts about the South Pole.

• Beat the sea monsters!

Solstalgia by Marina Vitaglione


Solastalgia is a form of nostalgia that you feel when you are still at home, but the environment has changed.

Written in the voice of Venice, a city abandoned by its inhabitants and gradually sinking into oblivion, this moving book recalls its former life of greatness and speculates on the result of the worsening of its situation.

The photographs are made of film negatives that remain soaked for weeks in the same Adriatic sea water that is deteriorating and actively swallowing the city.

The Other Side of Surfing


Far from the surfing and surfing resorts there is also the SURF …

This book is made with the soul of the sea, full of life and good vibes.

From the cover to the last page it is sea, it is emotion, it is delicacy, it is authenticity, with a simply marvelous photograph.