80% of marine litter is plastic and most come from its use on land.

The plastic path depends on us. We are not perfect, but we can be more conscious and try to do better every day.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and throw in the right places to prevent them from reaching the sea.

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Extendable reusable, ultralight and super resistant bags


Reusable, ultralight and ultra-resistant extendable bags

The reusable bags Itty Bitty bag, resist the weight that you want to load and your body allows you

Just the Sea by Sea Lovers is the exclusive distributor of Itty Bitty Bag for Spain and Portugal

Reusable bag with a super cool design that provides a lightness and unequaled resistance to purchase, the beach, lunch, as a bag …

Reflective and ultralight bag


Notebag is a combination of bag and backpack, we can choose to use it in one way or another as we need at any time.

Inside the bag there is a pocket, which can be used to store anything while we use it or to store the bag itself when we want to fold and store it.