Ángela Lago creator of Just The Sea

Someone who is born in Vigo on the day of the patron saint of the sea can't miss this gift. She is Ángela Lago, creator of Just The Sea in 2018. Today, 16 July, we celebrate her birthday by getting to know a little more about this project she has created for those who are nostalgic about the sea.

Review of Just The Sea in ICON Magazine
Review of Just The Sea in ICON Magazine

Who is Ángela Lago?

She is a woman who has found herself at the age of 40, with the birth of her son.

Since then I have seen clearly the way, "my way", although full of difficulties, it is very satisfying personally to have things clear and to feel full of inner strength. That is priceless.

In 2018 I founded Just the Sea by SEA LOVERS, feeling that this was the door to my new life and every day I give thanks for all the people and experiences that this project gives me.

Today, 16 July, is your birthday - congratulations! And it is also the day of the patron saint of the sea, the Virgen del Carmen, does this have something to do with Just The Sea?

Thank you very much!

And yes, I think so.

My date of birth has always felt like a gift to me and I have carried it with great pride, because of the meaning it has for seafarers.

"I am from the sea", I was born on the Atlantic coast and my family has always been linked to the sea for several generations.

I don't feel attached to a particular place, but to the sea. For me, all coastal places are home. There is one exception; Madrid, which, although it is not close to the coast, is of course my home. That is the Just the Sea spirit.

Moreover, Madrid is closely linked to the sea, even if it doesn't seem so at first sight, and even more so since Just the Sea is in town.

Just the Sea shop window at Calle Santo Tomé 6, Madrid.

What does Just The Sea mean to you?

Just the Sea was born out of a vital personal need.

A need to connect with the essence, to grow along the path of the sea and at the same time to contribute, to share the way of living the sea with other people.

The artistic component has a lot of weight in this project...

Yes, it is essential.

In fact, within Just the Sea there is SEA LOVERS ART PROJECT, where we exhibit works made by different artists.

This artistic component is transversal in the entire Just the Sea proposal; in the products we select, in the collaborations we make with artists, in what we write in our Sea Lovers's Journal, in the activities we programme and even in the RRSS.

I believe that art is a human need and contributes to creating a better world.

The art that Just the Sea proposes is based on the way of looking at the everyday - wherever you look, everything is sea - cultivating the ability to be aware of the sea, to see the beauty, the art in the simple, in nature and in everyday objects made with love. That we are able to perceive it, that we care about who and what we surround ourselves with in our daily lives.

What are the criteria for the exquisite selection you offer in the Just The Sea shop?

They have to be pieces related to the sea, timeless, in the sense of "non-fashionable" and durable.

Excellent quality is a prerequisite.

We also strive to offer unique products that tell a story of the sea.

But Just The Sea is not just a shop, is it?

Indeed, Just the Sea is a project around the sea in which there is also a shop, as well as activities related to the sea, its history and art.

Just the Sea is a way of telling life as seen from the sea, where the centre is not the human being, but Life, represented by water, the Blue.

Obviously everything we do is aimed at human beings, but with a vision that transcends the utilitarian on a personal level.

Just the Sea makes a proposal, our vision, based on respect for all, without judgement or prejudice, without mysticism or fundamentalism, since no one is better than anyone else, nor do we pretend to tell others what is right and what is wrong.

Ángela Lago from Just The Sea at the launch event of Three Knots magazine.
Ángela Lago of Just The Sea with the Three Knots magazine team at her presentation.

A must-have basic in your selection.

A unique drop made in silver and a Saint James striped T-shirt, both pieces are unisex.

A rarity that you recommend to buy because it is unique.

A boat by Alberto Marco.

Tell us about Just The Sea's next projects or releases, if you can?

Together with Caravanbook we are preparing the paper edition of Periplos, which will be a carefully produced photobook.

We are also very excited about the collaboration we have started with Galiana. We hope to have the first result before the end of the year. It will be a unique, impeccable and timeless piece.

In addition, we plan to bring out several of our own products and we are preparing the calendar of exhibitions and activities for the coming season.

We may have some more news, but for the moment we prefer to be cautious and see what circumstances allow.

We will be announcing everything on the website and on social media.

Do you recommend a book, a film and a seaside destination?

Leviathan or the Whale', by Philip Hoare.

Luc Besson's 'Big Blue'.


Ángela Lago creator of Just The Sea
Lanzarote Beach

And so much for our chat with Ángela Lago.

We hope it has brought you a little closer to the Just The Sea universe.

If you want to know more about the project, you just have to visit our shop in Madrid. Just The Sea by Sea Lovers is located in the nautical bookshop Robinson, in Santo Tomé 6, Salesas neighbourhood.

You can also visit our online shop, sign up for our newsletter(here in the middle of the page) or follow us on Instagram.

We look forward to seeing you there. And in the meantime, leave your questions or comments for Angela below.


    • Thank you very much, Nuria!

      It is a pleasure that the sea brings us artists with a sensitivity like yours!

      I thank you and all those who participate in PERIPLOS for your trust and I send you a big hug!!!

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