We are a conscious sea shop. We offer quality products related to the sea. We propose a healthy life style involving the sea. We pay close attention to the aesthetics of our products. We care about the integral health of both, people and the sea. We do our work with passion, honesty and transparency.

We are committed to improving the health of the sea, and that’s way dedicate 1% of each sale to that end.

We currently collaborate with the Ecomar Foundation, a pioneer in spreading the vital importance of caring for the sea and promoting coastal cleanliness.

Dayly living more sustainable

We offer sustainable solutions for real people.

We provide products with a cerefully-sellected aesthetic to everyday life.

We provide detailed information to choose the most appropriate options in each case.

We contribute to healthy life style and care for the environment, with a focus on the sea.

Just the sea friends

Just the Sea collaborates with other sea enthusiasts: artists, researchers, individuals, companies…

Just the Sea joins together with other projects, platforms and initiatives that help to promote the marine world, our world.

Just the Sea provides and collaboration and support space for professionals whose works and concerns are related to the sea.

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Wherever you see life there is the sea!

Approximately 4 billion years ago LIFE began in the depths of the SEA, with small cells that over millions of years join together and developed in more complex and diverse ways.

WATER is the main element of LIFE on our planet. The surface of planet Earth has a very similar percentage of water as our bodies do: 70%. Likewise, the proportions of water and oligoelements in the SEA are equivalent to those in the human body. We are aware of all this and that’s why…

We want to live a life according to our own nature.

We want to take care of our genuine source of life.

We want to pass on the legacy of the SEA to EVERYONE.

We want to act with a sense of universal responsibility.

We want to grow with respect towards ourselves and others.

We want to support and promote awareness to everything that surrounds us and allows us to live in better harmony with ourselves and our environment..

WE WANT SEA…Good to sea you!