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The origin

The Brand

Just the Sea is a Sea Lovers Art Project and a Life statement. It was born in 2018 as a personal project -created by Angela Lago – with the intention of walking and growing up seeing life from the sea.

Angela Lago jewelry Madrid

At Just the Sea Angela shares with you her most intimate work, which is emerging as a result of her conscious walking The Sea Side of Life; mainly in form of contemporary sea jewelry designed and artisanal made by herself in Madrid. 

As well as a curated selection of garments, contemporary art and objects with sea soul inside, history and story, transmitters of the marine legacy and the elegance of nature.

Just the Sea is not a path of perfection, it is a path of authenticity and freedom.
An alternative journey through The Sea Side of Life


This special corner is nestled in the heart of Madrid, at 6 Mayor Street (metro Sol). Feel free to discover it whenever suits you best, just let me know in advance to schedule your visit +34 609 824 907.

New atelier-showroom in Madrid

Angela Lago

Angela was born by the sea – in Vigo, in the Spanish Atlantic coast – July 16th, day of the Virgin patron saint of the sea. For her, this date is a gift of fate as well as a sign of her life path. She feels marked out and blessed by her origins, linked to the sea.

With pride, Angela now seeks to honor the maritime heritage that has gifted her a soul intertwined with the sea. As she navigates her unique life path, she invites you to explore her story and work at Just the Sea through a captivating interview featured by Forbes Spain.

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