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Skeletool | utility knife Leatherman

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Skeleetool by Leatherman

An especially light utility knife so beautiful that you will want to take it everywhere.

  • The characteristic of the edge of this knife is that on the main side it is serrated or serrated and on the opposite side it is smooth.
  • Equipped with this Premium knife you will be able to cut ropes, ropes, clothing, leather or heavy canvas much more easily. You will get it better from the serrated part than from the smooth one, for that reason add the combined blade. The purpose of the serrated or serrated side is to help you perform maneuvers more easily in cases, for example, of rush, emergencies and rescues.
  • In addition, it adds a total of 7 uses
  • It also has screwdrivers and among other uses there is also a pliers and a space to store two more additional tips.
    with cover Comes with a built-in carabiner for easy attachment
  • Weight: 142 grams
  • Closed length: 10cm
  • Main blade length: 6.6 cm
  • Scissors length 4.8cm
  • Secure tool lock
  • Externally accessible tools
  • One-hand accessible tools
  • Material: stainless steel
  • 25 year warranty

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1. Needle nose pliers

To hold or manipulate materials, designed for confined spaces or small objects.

2. Common pliers

Universal pliers.

3. Wire cutters

Made of 420HC steel wire, useful for cutting standard gauge wire.

4. Wire cutters

Made of 420HC steel wire, useful for cutting standard gauge wire.

5. Saw blade 154CM

Serrated knife made of 154CM steel, a stainless steel with a carbon alloy, which maintains its edge up to three times longer than standard stainless steel.

6. Carabiner and bottle opener

Apart from being a useful carabiner suitable for hooking your tool to your belt or backpack, it also incorporates a bottle opener to open your favorite drink.

7. Large tip holder

Bits Included: #1-2 Phillips Screwdriver & 3/16” Screwdriver, Carbide Tipped Glass Breaker & 1/4” Screwdriver.

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